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QoVF Mission Statement:

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover all those service members and veterans touched by war with healing and comforting quilts called Quilts of Valor.

About Quilts of Valor

Shortly after her son's deployment to Iraq, Blue Star mom Catherine Roberts, decided to send a quilt to her son, sincerely believing that this would make him feel more connected to home and family. Soon this lone quilt led to a project from her sewing room in Seaford, Delaware in 2003 called the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF). Since then, the Quilts Of Valor Foundation has become a national grassroots community service effort, connecting the home-front with all those who were touched in some way by the experience of armed conflict in defense of our country. Quilts Of Valor are stitched with love, prayers and healing thoughts. A Quilt of Valor is a generous nap-sized quilt pieced and quilted by the loving and appreciative hands of hundreds of volunteers across the nation. After it has been bound, washed, labeled, it is ready to be awarded. Quilts are awarded under many different circumstances. They may go to military hospitals where Chaplains award them to service members. There are presentations of Quilts Of Valor to entire service units returning from combat deployments, and they are awarded at VA hospitals or presented individually. But no matter how a Quilt of Valor is given, the impact it delivers is unequivocal. As one recipient, an Army Staff Sergeant in Iraq said "I received the Purple Heart because of injuries while in Iraq, but the presentation of the quilt hit me hard. I think what really moved me about the quilt was the personal touch. My quilt isn't another military medal to be placed in a box and sit on my shelf, but something that was given to me by a woman that I may never have the pleasure of meeting, just because she cared. A lot of times veterans don't receive the recognition we deserve. I was moved to tears." Just how much of an impact has the Quilts of Valor Foundation made? Over 318,000 quilts have been awarded to service members and veterans as of July, 2022.
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